USAF Backing Off 2023 Goal of Transitioning Skyborg Experiments to a Formal Procurement Program Written 13 August 2021


Conceptual design of a Skyborg low cost attritable Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. | USAF

Breaking Defense reports that the US Air Force is “backing off on its 2023 goal to transition the AI-driven Skyborg drone experiments to a formal procurement program, with one of Skyborg’s lead officers today citing the need for considerable budgetary tradeoffs.” Brig. Gen. Dale White, program executive officer (PEO) for fighters and advanced aircraft at the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, said, “I don’t know that I would commit to a timeline of when it will be a program of record.” White told reporters that, “I won’t say that it’s not achievable. I will just say that it has to be balanced with all of the other requirements we have across the portfolio to be able to do that.”
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