NASA, Joby Aviation Begin eVTOL Flight Tests Written 2 September 2021


The five-seater Joby electric aircraft. | Credit: Joby Aviation–©

FlightGlobal reports that NASA and Joby Aviation have “started a ten-day flight-test programme using Joby’s in-development air taxi – part of a NASA effort to help advance ‘urban air mobility’ technology.” The flights are the first phase of a NASA project to partner with companies to develop eVTOL aircraft. NASA announced Wednesday, “NASA’s goal is to collect vehicle performance and acoustic data for use in modelling and simulation of future airspace concepts. In the future, eVTOL aircraft could serve as air taxis for those in cities and surrounding areas around the country, adding another mode of transportation for moving people and goods.” NASA’s mobile acoustics facility will measure the sound of the eVTOL to collect data on how to limit the acoustic impact of eVTOL aircraft.
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