US Army Unveils UH-60V Black Hawk Helicopter Written 13 October 2021


UH-60 | Credit: DoD photo by Gertrud Zach, U.S. Army/Released; Wikipedia; Public Domain

Aviation International News reports that in early October, the US Army “formally lifted the veil on the Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky UH-60V Black Hawk helicopter.” The ceremony was held at Muir Army Airfield in Pennsylvania, where the state’s National Guard operates the Eastern Army National Guard Aviation Training Site (EAATS). Pennsylvania Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Mark Schindler said, “It’s fitting that our location was chosen to begin UH-60 Victor training.” Schindler continued, “The EAATS is an accomplished organization, proving time and time again to be a force multiplier for all components of the U.S. Army and our multi-national partners, unmatched in the Army enterprise.” The UH-60V “represents a significant upgrade of the earlier UH-60L that prepares it for a future serving alongside the new-build UH-60M in a more connected battlefield.”
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