2021 ASCEND Focuses on Expanding Private Spaceflight Written 16 November 2021


Emcee Kari Byron, Producer and Television Personality, hosts a panel on citizen astronauts at 2021 ASCEND, in Las Vegas, NV. | AIAA–©

KTNV-TV Las Vegas reports that 2021 ASCEND is focusing on making space flight available to all. Emcee Kari Byron “hosted a panel on citizen astronauts and believes they are pioneers in what’s possible in space.” AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher said, “Where we are today with space is similar to where the commercial airline industry was back in the 1930s. Back in the 1930s, we were barnstorming and doing all kinds of different things, and now we have the safest air travel system in the world.” Morgan Stanley expects “the global space industry to grow to more than $1 trillion in revenue in 30 years.”
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