Opinions Differ on Whether Market Can Support Multiple Private Stations Written 18 November 2021


An illustration of Axiom Station, one of several proposed privately owned space stations that could succeed the International Space Station | Credit: Axiom Space; Aerospace America

Aerospace America reports that the answer to whether “enough research and space tourism dollars will flow through the market to keep more than one” private space station has not yet been reached. While Axiom Space believes it has a strong case for a profitable private space station, Axiom Space Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Mary Lynne Dittmar said multiple private space stations could “end up diluting the market to such an extent” that it would be impossible for privately owned stations to make a profit. Voyager Space Holdings Vice President of Infrastructure Adrian Manguica said, “I think the market can sustain many more than one space platform because the issue that we’re seeing today is one of access on the ISS.”
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