AIAA Recognizes Technical Excellence in Aerospace During 2022 Written 25 May 2022


May 25, 2022 – Reston, Va. – The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is pleased to announce the winners of technical excellence awards to be presented at several events this year.

“We are proud to recognize these accomplished individuals for their influence on the aerospace profession,” said Dan Dumbacher, AIAA executive director. “These visionaries and technological leaders are truly inspirational. We are grateful for their efforts working toward a safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous world.”

The following aerospace professionals will be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions in their field, having been chosen by their peers from related AIAA technical committees.

  • 2022 AIAA Theodor W. Knacke Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Award

    Benjamin A. Tutt, Airborne SystemsBenjamin A. Tutt, Airborne Systems

    Award Citation: For a lifetime of continued excellence and leadership in the field of modeling and simulation of aerodynamic decelerators.

    The Theodor W. Knacke Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Award is presented to an individual to recognize a lifetime of significant contributions to the advancement of aeronautical or aerospace systems through research, development, and application of the art and science of aerodynamic decelerator technology. This year’s award was presented during the 26th Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference and Seminar, 16-19 May, Toulouse, France.

  • 2022 AIAA Aeroacoustics Award

    Kenneth S. Brentner, Pennsylvania State UniversityKenneth S. Brentner, Pennsylvania State University

    Award Citation: For fundamental contributions to aeroacoustics and rotorcraft noise prediction, including the introduction of the permeable surface formulations of the Ffowcs Williams and Hawkings equation.

    The Aeroacoustics Award is presented for an outstanding technical or scientific achievement resulting from an individual’s contribution to the field of aircraft community noise reduction. This year’s award will be presented during the 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, 14-17 June, United Kingdom.

  • 2022 AIAA Jeffries Aerospace Medicine and Life Sciences Research Award

    Peter Hancock, University of Central FloridaPeter Hancock, University of Central Florida

    Award Citation: For lifelong contributions to the human factors of aviation and aerospace safety and performance.

    Recognizing the importance to aeronautics of scientific endeavors in the field of medicine, the Jeffries Aerospace Medicine and Life Sciences Research Award was established in 1940 to honor the memory of the American physician, John Jeffries, whose scientific investigations were published in a “Narrative of Two Aerial Voyages” in 1786. This year’s award will be presented during the 51st International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), 10-14 July, St Paul, Minn.

  • 2022 AIAA Aerospace Communications Award

    Riccardo De Gaudenzi, European Space AgencyRiccardo De Gaudenzi, European Space Agency

    Award Citation: For technical contributions and management leadership in the development of innovative technologies and systems for telecommunications, navigation, and Earth observation applications.

    The Aerospace Communications Award is presented for an outstanding contribution in the field of aerospace communications. Candidates are individuals or small teams whose achievements have had a positive impact on technology and society. This year’s award will be presented during the 27th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference (Ka) and the 39th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) and its Colloquium, 18-21 October, Italy.

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