Roscosmos Chief Clarifies Comments About ISS Departure Written 3 August 2022

International Space Station, as captured by NASA astronaut Ron Garan during a spacewalk 12 July 2011. | Credit: Ron Garan; NASA

SPACE reports that Roscosmos head Yuri Borisov “expanded on comments he made last week indicating the country’s intent to disassociate from the International Space Station ‘after 2024.’” In an interview with Russia 24, Borisov said, “We announced that we intend to do this not in 2024, but after 2024. In Russian, these are two big differences.” Borisov elaborated, “We must warn our colleagues a year in advance that we will do this for such and such circumstances. We have not warned [NASA] about this yet; there is no need for this. We just said that after 2024 we will start the exit process.”
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