Business Jets Sustained Five Fatal Accidents in the Past Year Written 13 October 2022


Apron at Anguilla Wallblake Airport clogged with business jets. | Credit Timo Breidenstein; Wikipedia; GFDL 1.2

Aviation International News reports, “Over the 12 months between Sept. 1, 2021, and Aug. 31, 2022, eight people died in two accidents of U.S.-registered business jets being operated under Part 91 and 19 people lost their lives in three crashes of non-U.S.-registered business jets flying charters.” In all, there were 188 accidents and 98 investigated incidents involving turbine business airplanes globally. Fatal and non-fatal accidents worldwide totaled 35, of which 20 occurred during private operations. Business turboprops were involved in 64 accidents worldwide, nearly twice that of jets, and resulted in 62 fatalities, roughly 2.5 that of jets.
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