NASA Faces Challenges as it Looks to Establish a Lunar Base Written 22 November 2022


Artist's impression of habitat on lunar base | Credit: Rick Guidice; NASA

The Los Angeles Times reports, “If NASA ever establishes a lunar base – a long-term project advanced Wednesday with the launch of Artemis I – it will have to confront...challenges to human habitation. It’ll also have to figure out the dust.” Lunar dust is jagged and grainy, and is an issue for anything man-made on the moon that would land or launch from the surface. “One of the foremost institutions studying lunar dust and its potential effect on human missions is the Swamp Works, a NASA research lab co-founded in 2013 by [University of Central Florida planetary scientist Philip] Metzger, who is now retired from the agency but still collaborates on some projects.” This lab looks to test technology that would allow humans to live and work on the moon or other planetary surfaces in the future.
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