Airbus to Research Superconductivity as a Road to Sustainability Written 8 December 2022


View of the LHC tunnel sector 3-4 at The CERN laboratory. | Credit: CERN; Wikipedia; CC-BY-SA

Aviation International News reports that Airbus’s multi-path approach “to decarbonization took a new direction last week as the company highlighted recent work on superconductivity technology.” During its two-day Sustainability Summit held in Toulouse and Munich, “the airframer said it has joined with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in a demonstrator program aimed at promoting the adoption of superconductivity and cryogenics in airborne electrical distribution systems.” CERN’s new project with Airbus, called the Superconductor for Aviation with Low Emissions (SCALE), “will evaluate how engineers can deploy superconductors to achieve greater energy efficiency for future aircraft systems.”
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