Airbus Helicopters Achieve Power-On Milestone Written 21 December 2022


Artist's rendition of an Airbus Helicopters Racer high-speed technology demonstrator. | Credit: Airbus–©

FlightGlobal reports that Airbus Helicopters “has moved a step closer to the first flight of its Racer high-speed rotorcraft, having achieved power-on of the technology demonstrator.” Disclosing the milestone “via Twitter on 20 December, the manufacturer posted a short video clip showing the Racer largely complete, sporting its distinctive V-wings, H-shaped vertical tail and pusher propellers.” However, it is “still lacking its main rotor.” In November, Airbus Helicopters “revealed that the rotorcraft’s maiden sortie had slipped to 2023, from a previous target of 2022, thanks to the late delivery of undisclosed components.” Developed as part “of the EU-funded Clean Sky 2 programme, the Racer’s compound architecture builds on the airframer’s earlier X3 design and should allow it to achieve a cruise speed of 220kt (407km/h).” In addition, one of “its twin Safran Helicopter Engines Aneto-1X turboshafts will be able to be idled and rapidly restarted during the cruise, contributing a 15% fuel-burn reduction while at 180kt.”
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