Russian Space Agency May Send Rescue Spacecraft to Space Station Written 23 December 2022


A Soyuz spacecraft is docked to the Pirs docking compartment on the ISS. | Credit: NASA

The Washington Post reports that Roscomos, the Russian space agency, is “deciding whether it needs to send a rescue spacecraft to the International Space Station to bring home two cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut after the Soyuz capsule that brought them there suffered a massive coolant leak.” According to the Post, “Working with their counterparts at NASA, officials at Roscosmos...are trying to determine if the vehicle is sound enough to bring the crew home. ... If not, the Russian agency would send up another Soyuz spacecraft that was to be used for another crewed mission to retrieve the crew.” The Post adds that spacecraft “could be ready to fly up without any people on board sometime in February, a few weeks before the crew is set to return in March.”
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