Investing in Space in 2023 Written 20 January 2023


From left to right: Booster 4, Ship 15, Ship 22, and Ship 20 displayed at Starbase, June 2022  | Credit: Lars Plougmann; Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 2.0

In an analysis of the coming year in space investments on the CNBC website, Michael Sheetz writes that after ending “on a bit of a downer (‘A year to forget for space stocks’), I’m entering 2023 with what feels like contrarian optimism.” The space industry “is chock full of opportunities and milestones to look forward to over the next twelve months, as the market for 21st century space companies continues to evolve and mature.” Sheetz lists the top three space businesses he’s watching out for – Project Kuiper, Starship, and “SPACs” – as a group, citing the industry’s potential for investment breakout across the board.
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