Pearland Police First in US to Receive FAA Approval for Station-Controlled Drone Written 21 March 2023


Sgt. Jim Linn retrieves an Alameda County Sheriff's Office drone while demonstrating a search and rescue operation on Friday, Aug. 14, 2015, in Dublin, CA | Credit: Associated Press–©

The Houston Chronicle reports that Pearland’s police department “has become the nation’s first law enforcement agency to win Federal Aviation Administration approval to use a system in which drones controlled from a police station can be dispatched throughout a municipality to assess incidents, which officials say can save time, resources and lives.” Drone pilot and Pearland police officer Herbert Oubre said that the approval will allow the department to “better assess a scene prior to getting an officer on the scene.” The police drones “will rely on a technology called Casia G, developed by Iris Automation Inc., that enables remote airspace awareness during flight.” The drones “will use another system, called DroneSense, to relay information to the operator at the station.”
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