Panel Warns of Increased Cybersecurity Threats to Aviation Written 21 April 2023


Demonstration flight at 2019 Paris Air Show. | Credit: Associated Press

Aviation Week reports that a panel at Aviation Week’s MRO Americas Conference examined the cybersecurity challenges facing the aviation industry. The Boeing Company said that the industry is facing increasing cybersecurity risks; ransomware occurrences inside the aviation supply chain have risen 600% in a year. Boeing Chief Security Officer Richard Puckett said, “We have to begin to account for the extended ecosystem of connectivity.” He added that increasing the sensors in aircraft make it “more vulnerable because anything that sends or receives a signal can be hacked.” Aviation ISAC CEO Jeffrey Troy said, “Without a doubt[,] the threat side of this equation is increasing.” The panel concluded that “risk prioritization is key,” as well as “ensuring suppliers are thinking about cybersecurity.”
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