Belgium Decides Not to Accept New F-35 Deliveries Written 9 August 2023


An F-35A Lightning II aircraft  | U.S. Air Force photo by MSgt John Nimmo Sr.; Wikipedia; Public Domain

FlightGlobal reports Belgium is joining the US in “not accepting new deliveries of the latest Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters, pending the certification of an improved flight computer and new software.” Belgium’s defence ministry “says it will follow Washington’s lead in not accepting F-35s assembled in the new Technical Refresh 3 (TR-3) configuration, which Lockheed is in the process of flight testing. The military airframer is experiencing delays completing flight certification of the TR-3 package, which prompted Lockheed to lower its F-35 delivery targets for 2023, as customers pause accepting new fighters.” On August 1, the Belgian ministry of defence said, “The refusal of the US government means that the process of certification and qualification is still ongoing and that the US government does not want to accept (and therefore pay) for hardware as long as the software is not fully finished. … This is a completely logical decision that also applies to Belgium.”
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