USN, Marines Increase F-35 Collaboration with Asia-Pacific Allies Written 15 August 2023


F-35 carrier landing. | Credit: U.S. Navy; Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain

FlightGlobal reports that US Navy Rear Admiral Christopher Stone “says that work continues to refine missions for the Lockheed Martin F-35, including working closely with operators of the type in the Asia-Pacific.” Admiral Stone “is the commander of Task Force 76/3, an experimental unit formed in 2022 that seeks to more deeply integrate the USN and US Marine Corps (USMC) at the leadership and operational levels in the Asia-Pacific region.” A focus “is improving joint capabilities amid the growing military threat from China.” The task force “comprises 11 warships centered on USS America, an amphibious assault ship that operates three USMC types: the short take-off and vertical landing version of the F-35, the F-35B, in addition to rotorcraft such as the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey and Sikorsky CH-53K.” Stone said of the F-35, “These fifth-generation aircraft are incredibly capable. The capabilities that the aircraft itself provides in terms of sensor coverage and weapons capability are truly breathtaking.”
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