Report Says Military, Medevac Segments will Grow Helicopter Demand to $41 Billion by 2027 Written 16 August 2023


VoloDrone. | Credit: SERU Film Produktion GmbH; Wikipedia; CC BY 4.0

Aviation International News reports that a new report from consultancy Markets and Markets “predicts a 6.1 percent annual growth rate for the world helicopter market between 2022 and 2027, forecasting a rise in total value to $41.2 billion from the current $31.9 billion in 2023.” The consultancy “cites several factors for the growth including increased demand for military helicopters, air ambulances, law enforcement aircraft, and increased transport needs for oil and gas operations.” It also believes that the “development of unmanned helicopters, hybrid-electric propulsion systems, and advanced avionics” will create “significant market opportunities.” Other reasons for the growth “include the replacement of aged military stock, expansion of emerging country economies and the enhancement of the national defenses, and the development of next-generation aircraft including tiltrotors and compound helicopters.”
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