FAA to Hold Safety Meetings at US Airports Following Multiple Close Calls Written 23 August 2023


A Boeing 737 (United) and an Airbus A320 (Virgin) | Bill Larkins/Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 2.0

Fox Business reports that the FAA “is expected to hold runway safety meetings at 90 major airports through September as part of its ongoing effort to prevent close calls between aircraft.” Several close calls earlier this year have spurred the decision. FAA Air Traffic Organization COO Tim Arel said, “Sharing information is critical to improving safety. These meetings, along with other efforts, will help us achieve our goal of zero close calls.” These meetings will involve representatives from the FAA and airports working “to identify unique airport-specific risks and develop plans to mitigate or eliminate them.” These discussions will “include representatives from the FAA air traffic organization, airlines, pilots and airport vehicle drivers.” Major airports hosting the meetings will include DCA, BWI, LAG, DFW, and CLE.
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