Norwegian Air Force F-35A JSF Demonstrates Ability to Takeoff, Land from Highway Written 22 September 2023


A Pratt & Whitney powered F-35 Lightning II hovers in front of crowds during its first solo appearance at the Farnborough Air Show on Tuesday, July 12, 2016. | Credit: Fiona Hanson; AP Images–©

The Drive reports that “Norway has become the first country to demonstrate the ability of the conventional takeoff and landing F-35A Joint Strike Fighter to operate from a highway as part of an exercise in Finland.” Maj. Gen. Rolf Folland, Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, said in a press release, “This is a milestone, not only for the Norwegian Air Force, but also for the Nordic countries and for NATO. … This demonstrates our ability to execute a concept of dispersal. Fighter jets are vulnerable on the ground, so by being able to use small airfields – and now motorways – [we can] increase our survivability in war.” Norway’s F-35As “have been training to conduct highway operations in Finland this week as part of the latest iteration of that country’s annual Baana road base exercise, which kicked off on Monday.”
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