Joby Aviation Founder Says Electric Air Taxis Will be in Service by 2025 Written 10 October 2023


Joby Aviation in September delivered this S4 prototype to Edwards Air Force Base in California. Another is scheduled to be delivered to the base in "early 2024." | Credit: Joby Aviation; Aerospace America–©

The AP reports that in an interview, Joby Aviation founder JoeBen Bevirt said that its electric air taxis will be in service within two years. Bevirt “insists that his Santa Cruz, California-based company...can meet an ambitious target of entering commercial air taxi service in 2025.” However, “Like other eVTOL startups, Joby is losing money – more than $400 million in 2021-2022. Analysts don’t know when, if ever, it will be profitable.” Bevirt said, “Our goal is absolutely still to achieve commercial service in 2025, and given the progress we’re making on certification and the progress we’re making on the manufacturing front, we’re excited to just be day after day knocking down the milestones.”
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