USAF Wants Early CCA to Have Range Equal to or Beyond That of Fighter Aircraft Written 17 November 2023


Boeing airpower teaming system | Boeing–©

Aviation Week reported that the US Air Force “wants its early Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) to have range equal to or beyond that of fighter aircraft, with potentially aerial refueling capacity in the first increment.” Thomas Lawhead, the acting head of Air Force Futures and Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration and Requirements, said on November 15 that the first increment of CCA will have range “relatively the same as the current fighter fleet, potentially a little bit longer.” The USAF is “now working through concepts of employment based on that range, and the uncrewed systems’ ability to provide missions such as electronic warfare, off-board sensing and additional munitions. While future tranches will be aerial refuelable, Lawhead said, there is potential for the first aircraft to have refueling capability ‘depending on the offer.’” The USAF is also “working to keep the costs of CCAs and related mission systems down as much as it can while still meeting operational needs. Kendall has said the cost would be about one-third to one-quarter of an F-35.”
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