Embraer CEO Touts Company Future Written 20 November 2023


Hangar with Embraer jets at the company headquarters, in São José dos Campos. | Credit: Agência Brasil; Wikipedia; CC BY 3.0 br

Aviation International News reported that Embraer CEO Francisco Gomes Neto spoke at Embraer’s Media Day presentation in New York on Friday and “said the company is now reaping the harvest from the investments and changes it made in recent years.” He pointed “to the portfolio of new products the Brazilian manufacturer has introduced over the past decade in its commercial, defense, and private aviation markets.” This portfolio “includes the E-Jets E2, the C-390 Millennium military transport, and, on the private aviation side, the Praetor family and upgrades to its Phenom light jets.” He explained that Embraer currently “employs a staff of 100 engineers committed to developing production efficiencies and cost reduction, which has allowed it to not only maintain margins on its products but even increase them in some cases.” One of the company’s “standing projects is to reduce the production time of its aircraft by 30 percent by the end of 2025.”
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