FAA Calls for Extending Length of Cockpit Voice-Recording Requirements Written 1 December 2023


Cockpit of a Learjet 75. | Matti Blume Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

Reuters reports the Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday “said it is proposing to extend the cockpit voice-recording requirement to 25 hours for all new airplanes from the current two-hour loop.” Reuters explains the voice recorder “captures transmissions and sounds in the cockpit...and can be crucial in understanding why airplane crashes occur.” The National Transportation Safety Board “has been pushing for the change since 2018, and the United States is behind much of the world in the requirement for commercial planes.” Europe, for instance, “has required new airplanes to collect 25 hours of cockpit voice recordings since 2021.” Reuters adds that the issue “has taken on new urgency after a series of near miss incidents raised alarm about U.S. air safety. The NTSB has opened seven investigations into near-miss incidents since January, including some that could have been catastrophic.”
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