Embraer Executive Jets Announces Doubling of its MRO Network Written 21 December 2023


Hangar with Embraer jets at the company headquarters, in São José dos Campos. | Credit: Agência Brasil; Wikipedia; CC BY 3.0 br

Aviation International News reports that Embraer Executive Jets “is doubling its maintenance service network in the US from three to six facilities ‘to support the continued growth of its executive jets customer base,’ the company announced today.” The three new factory-owned service centers – “to be based at Dallas Love Field, as well as in Cleveland, Ohio, and Sanford, Florida – are scheduled to open in the second quarter of next year.” Embraer Services and Support Vice President of MRO Services Frank Stevens said, “We are pleased to offer additional service locations for our customers as we will significantly expand the capacity, capability, and footprint of our MRO network in the U.S. Our Executive Jets fleet has been growing rapidly over the last several years as strong demand continues across the entire product portfolio. This expansion will provide immediate additional capacity and ensures that we are poised to care for our valued customers and strategically grow for many years to come.”
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