Report: Space Investment Bounced Back in 2023, Increased M&A Expected into 2024 Written 17 January 2024


Firefly Alpha lifts off the pad at Vandenberg Space Force Base. | Credit: Jacob Rendon; Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

CNBC reports that investment in the space sector “bounced back last year, rebounding closer to the record high of 2021, according to a report Tuesday by New York-based Space Capital.” The firm’s fourth-quarter report “found that space infrastructure companies brought in $2.6 billion of private investment during the period. That brought the sector to $12.5 billion in total investment for 2023, well above last year’s $9.3 billion raised but still below the $15.3 billion brought in during 2021.” Top raises during the “fourth quarter included funds announced by space companies Firefly Aerospace, Ursa Major, D-Orbit, Stoke Space and True Anomaly.” Anderson told the outlet “we expect to see even more” merger and acquisition activity in 2024. 
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