BAE Systems Reveals Autonomous Collaborative Platform Demonstrator Written 6 February 2024


UAS Concept 2 | Credit: BAE Systems Infographics

FlightGlobal reports, “BAE Systems has revealed the design of an autonomous collaborative platform (ACP) demonstrator which it aims to fly within the next two years.” Showcased as “a sub-scale model at the World Defense Show near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the aircraft builds on the company’s earlier work in designing a Concept 2 vehicle unveiled in July 2022.” According to Steve Reeves, head of business development and strategy (platforms) at BAE’s FalconWorks technology accelerator, “We have been carrying on our many decades of investment in uncrewed systems, and are displaying our latest iteration of an ACP concept.” Roles for the platform “could include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and electronic attack, with the asset also potentially to carry air-to-surface and air-to-air weapons within two internal bays.”
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