After the Concorde, a Long Road Back to Supersonic Travel Written 29 March 2024


NASA’s X-59 quiet supersonic research aircraft sits on the ramp at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, California | Credit: NASA/Steve Freeman; Wikipedia; Public Domain

An Ars Technica report discusses the possibility of achieving supersonic flight without loud booms, noting that NASA is working on it. "The X-59 is being built to do a series of supersonic test flights over American cities to boom people living there."   Then NASA will collect feedback "from those on the ground and compile it into a data pack for the aviation authorities, the FAA and the International Civil Aviation Administration." That data is then expected to be "part of a push to lift the ban on supersonic flight over land and replace it with an acceptable noise standard."
Full Story (Ars Technica)