SpaceX Launches ESA’s EarthCARE Mission on Falcon 9 Written 29 May 2024


SpaceX EarthCARE Launch | Credit: The Launch Pad; YouTube Framegrab

Space News reports, “A Falcon 9 successfully launched an Earth science mission for Europe and Japan May 28 as part of the European Space Agency’s ongoing, if temporary, reliance on SpaceX for space access … EarthCARE is an 800-million-euro ($870 million) ESA-led mission to study clouds and aerosols in the atmosphere. The spacecraft carries four instruments, including a cloud profiling radar provided by the Japanese space agency JAXA at a cost of 8.3 billion yen ($53 million). JAXA dubbed the spacecraft Hakuryu or 'White Dragon' because of the spacecraft’s appearance.”
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SpaceX EarthCARE Launch
(The Launch Pad; YouTube)