Shawn Gregg General Manager, Predictive Technology Engineering Delta Air Lines

Shawn Gregg c
Shawn is the General Manager of Propulsion Engineering at Delta Air Lines.  His teams are responsible for managing on-wing engine reliability, directing maintenance in the engine shop, engine health monitoring, and on-wing troubleshooting.  He is currently focused on asset management strategy, data analytics, and predictive/prescriptive maintenance.
Prior to joining Delta Air Lines in 2015, Shawn spent 15 years at Pratt & Whitney specializing in turbine airfoil heat transfer where he advanced from part level design to overall turbine design philosophy, management, and lifing.  As a manager, Shawn advanced physics-based heat transfer and structural analysis/lifing  tools and oversaw their corresponding technology roadmaps and university research programs.   From there, he moved into a program management role responsible for legacy commercial engine hot-section components.  
Shawn holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Florida State University and The University of Florida, respectively; both in Mechanical Engineering.  He holds over 20 patents in the area of turbine airfoil and hot-section design & repair.