ASCEND: Accelerating Space Commerce, Exploration, and New Discovery 22 August 2019 0900 - 0930

Join us in the HUB during the coffee break to learn more about ASCEND! Launching November 16-18, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, ASCEND will convene luminaries from across the space community to discuss, debate, and develop a shared vision for the future of the space economy and human exploration. As a taste of what to expect at ASCEND, we are proud to feature Dr. Stanley Borowski, the 2019 Wyld Propulsion Award winner for sustained outstanding contributions in advanced propulsion, including the development and application of nuclear thermal propulsion for future human lunar and Mars exploration missions. He will deliver an encore presentation of his paper entitled, “Commercialization and Human Settlement of the Moon and Cislunar Space - A Look Ahead at the Possibilities Over the Next 50 Years”.