ASCEND Rewind @ Propulsion and Energy: New Opportunities in Fusion for Space Power and Propulsion 10 August 2021 1300 - 1400

Powered by AIAA, ASCEND is building a fast-growing community that propels the global conversation about space commerce, exploration, and new discovery. Before ASCEND launches its main programming in November 2021, get a taste of the type of cross-cutting content that is part of this event. Join ASCEND Executive Producer, Rob Meyerson, for a special play-back of an ASCENDxSeries session “New Opportunities in Fusion for Space Power and Propulsion” that was put on in partnership with the Fusion Industry Association. Speakers featured in this session include Julie Reiss (The Aerospace Corporation), Stephanie Thomas (Princeton Satellite Systems), Setthivoine You (Helicity Space), Doug Witherspoon (NearStar Fusion), and David Kingham (Tokamak Energy).