Forum 360: Next Steps in Supersonic and Hypersonic Propulsion: Platforms and Applications (Part I) 20 August 2019 1330 - 1600

1330–1445 hrs
Hypersonic Propulsion Advancements

The hypersonic regime has a simple definition, Mach ≥ 5, but the solution to propelling a vehicle to those speeds is not at all simple. Like every aerospace design, the solution is mission and technology dependent and the two primary missions for airbreathing hypersonics today are: point-to-point for global high-speed travel, and responsive access to space. Even with a known mission there are different approaches to airbreathing hypersonic propulsion – from turbine-based combine cycle engines (TBCC) to air-breathing rockets. This panel will discuss these different missions and propulsion systems, and provide their perspective on the drivers.
  • Sinacore Steven Sinacore
    Deputy Project Manager, Hypersonic Technology Project, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA