• Sirisha Bandla
    Virgin Orbit Manager, Business Development, Government Affairs
  • Marty Bradley
    The Boeing Company Technical Fellow
  • John Brophy John Brophy
    Expert in Space Electric Propulsion, JPL Fellow
  • Tory Bruno Tory Bruno
    United Launch Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Franklin Chang Diaz Photo Franklin Chang Diaz
    Ad Astra Rocket Company CEO and Board Chairman
  • Mung Chiang Mung Chiang
    Purdue University Dean of Engineering
  • Doug Cooke Photo Douglas Cooke
    Former Associate Administrator, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA (ret.) Aerospace Consultant, Cooke Concepts and Solutions
  • William Cummings William “Bill” Cummings
    Rolls-Royce Corporation Chief, Combustor and Turbine Aero
  • Darin DiTommaso Darin DiTommaso
    GE Aviation General Manager, Military Engineering
  • Christopher D'Souza
    NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Navigation Technical Discipline Lead for Human Spaceflight
  • Barbara Esker Barbara Esker
    NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Director (Acting), Advanced Air Vehicles Program
  • Jeff Foote
    Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems Vice President, NASA Programs
  • Roberto Guerrero Roberto Guerrero
    Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Operational Energy
  • Robert Hancock Robert Hancock
    Air Force Research Laboratory Principal Scientist, Turbine Engine Division
  • Michael Hawes W. Michael Hawes
    Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Vice President, Human Space Exploration, Orion Program Manager
  • Daniel Herman Daniel Herman
    NASA Glenn Research Center Power and Propulsion Element Ion Propulsion System Lead, Electric Propulsion Systems Branch
  • Kathleen Howell Kathleen Howell
    Purdue University Hsu Lo Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Hao Huang Hao Huang
    GE Aviation Technology Chief, Electrical Power
  • Sunil James
    GE Aviation Advanced Systems Design & Technology Lead
  • Hans Koenigsmann Hans Koenigsmann
    Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) Vice President, Build and Flight Reliability
  • Ty Lee Ty Lee
    Space Systems/Loral, LLC Systems Engineer
  • Jim Maser
    Aerojet Rocketdyne Senior Vice President, Space Business Unit
  • Gerry McCartney
    Purdue Online Executive Vice President
  • Dave McGrath
    Orbital Director of Advanced Technology
  • Monteith Wayne Monteith
    FAA Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation
  • John Nairus John Nairus
    Air Force Research Laboratory Chief Engineer, Power & Control Division
  • Alan Newby Alan Newby
    Rolls-Royce Director, Aerospace Technology and Future Programmes
  • Carlos Perez
    GE Aviation Advanced Systems Design & Technology Lead
  • Dr. Shamim Rahman
    NASA Orion to SLS Integration Lead
  • Marc Rayman Marc Rayman
    Dawn Mission Director, JPL Chief Engineer for Operations and Science, JPL Fellow
  • placeholder image Carla Sands
    Aviation Week Network Program Manager, Workforce
  • Dr. Michael Smith
    Purdue Professor of History
  • Ken Suder Photo Kenneth Suder
    NASA John H. Glenn Research Center Senior Technologist, Airbreathing Propulsion, Propulsion Division, Research and Engineering Directorate
  • Lisa Teague Lisa Teague
    Rolls-Royce Corporation Head of Research and Technology
  • Simon Weeks Simon Weeks
    Aerospace Technology Institute Chief Technology Officer
  • Michael Winter Michael Winter
    Pratt & Whitney Senior Fellow, Advanced Technology


Rolls Royce 
Lockheed Martin 
Aerojet Rocketdyne 
Northrop Grumman Corp 
Bastion Technologies