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AIAA is the catalyst for inspired idea exchange and solutions, a convener of the most original perspectives, and curator of essential research information. For the past 50 years, individuals and teams from around the globe have presented their latest research to their peers at AIAA conferences.

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Tips for Accessing and Posting Your Meeting Paper

  • Conferences before 2014 can be found under their technical topic area.
  • After 2014, all meeting papers will be associated with the AIAA Forum in which they took place. For example, Aeroacoustics 2014 papers will be found under AIAA AVIATION 2014.
  • For more information on navigating meeting papers and other content on ARC, please visit the ARC 'How To' Video Series.
  • If you would like access to your published paper, you can purchase it here or contact AIAA’s Customer Service at
  • Please click here for AIAA’s Posting Policy and find out how to share your research.

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