It is essential for aerospace professionals and students to have access to the latest standards in the industry. Standards provide many benefits including best practices, economies of scale, expanded trade possibilities, and increased resource flow.

AIAA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and manages a wide range of national aerospace standards publications and activities. Its dedication to managing industry standards allows AIAA to support the continued enhancement of aerospace industry-wide efficiency and productivity.


In addition to its primary focus on aerospace standards, AIAA also administers two space-related subcommittees of the International Organization of Standardization.

AIAA Publishes the Following Types of Documents:

Standard: A document establishing engineering and technical requirements and the inclusion of provisions necessary to verify compliance.

Recommended Practice: Authoritative engineering and technical data that may evolve to a standard through industry application and acceptance.

Guide: Technical information that supports present or future standards or recommended practices and provides instruction for their application.

For an overview of Standards activities, visit:

Standards Quarterly Standards Status Report 
The AIAA Standards Steering Committee (SSC) is looking for volunteers to participate on its Growth Area Domains.

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How to Join a Committee on Standards (CoS)

Volunteer technical experts are the heart of the AIAA standards program. Each Committee on Standards (CoS) and U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has a defined scope of work and operates under established policies and procedures.

An AIAA CoS makes recommendations concerning the need for new standards and other technical publications within its area of competency and expertise, determines when a document needs to be revised, drafts new and revised technical documents, and develops committee and public consensus on those drafts.

U. S. TAGs develop national consensus on International Standards and Technical Reports out for comment or vote. TAGs also make recommendations regarding other aspects of international standards participation such as U.S. positions on international new work items, formation of US delegations to international committee meetings, and nomination of US experts to international working groups.