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The April issue of Aerospace America is live. Don't miss this month's featured story: "The New Drone War" by Keith Button. There was a time when “drone war” conjured images of Cessna-sized aircraft flying over enemy lands while their controllers monitored them from half a world away in a trailer. Ukraine has shown U.S. planners that a more visceral, fast-paced, innovate-or-die drone scenario could lie ahead. Keith Button spoke to researchers who want the U.S. to be ready. Full Story 

You'll also want to check out "Competing Visions,” by Jon Kelvey. Nation-states are blowing up satellites. NASA and DARPA think nuclear thermal propulsion could be the best way to get humans to Mars. Elon Musk is keeping his faith in the brute force of burning hydrocarbons. Who is right? It turns out either could work, but there are a lot of “ifs” for both strategies. Jon Kelvey has the analysis. Full Story 

In this month's Editor's Notebook, “Mr. Brown’s Experiment,” Aerospace America Editor Ben Iannotta offers a warning about the needed limits on AI. “Elon Musk is right: We humans need to control AI, or it will control us. If we let it, it could strip us of human joy — and sooner than we think. — Ben Iannotta, editor-in-chief.  Full Story 

In the issue's Flight Path, “Looking Forward with Reflection,” AIAA President Laura McGill shares her optimism for the future as she prepares to pass the mantle to AIAA President-Elect Dan Hastings. Full Story 

The April issue also features a Q&A with Aerospace America Associate Editor Cat Hofacker and Amy Edmondson, organizational psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School, titled “Chronicler of Corporate Culture.”  Full Story 

Also, see if you can solve this month's AeroPuzzler, “Play Ball.” Send a response of up to 250 words that someone in any field could understand to by noon Eastern April 16 for a chance to have it published in the next issue. Full Story 

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