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Cover Aero America Feb/March 2021

The January 2022 issue of Aerospace America is now live. Don't miss this month's cover story, "Space Transportation's Pollution Conundrum," by Alyssa Tomlinson, which examines strategies for minimizng the environmental impact from rocket emissions in an era of ever-increasing space transportation. Also, make sure to check out Aerospace America Editor-in-Chief Ben Iannotta's Q&A, "Space Racer," with Chris Scolese, 19th Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (DNRO).

And, see if you can solve this month's AeroPuzzler, "Can a Flying Car Take Off on a Treadmill?" which asks the reader to draft a response in 250 words or less explaining whether or not a flying car would be capable of taking off on a treadmill, and why or why not. To read these stories and all other exclusive content, log in to the  Aerospace America website.

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