Formatting Lists in Your Manuscript

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AIAA style calls for lists to be numbered with a closing parenthesis: 1), 2), 3). Bullets and dashes are never used to introduce entries in a list. Lowercase letters may be used if necessary, for a list within a list. Lists comprising single words, phrases, or simple sentences are incorporated directly into your main text, as in this example: “The results indicate that 1) the shear layer is unstable; 2) the jet column is unstable; and 3) the acoustics play a passive role.” (Use commas instead of semicolons for phrases.)

Break more complex lists into separate, indented paragraphs. When constructing lists in this manner, complete sentences are mandatory, including any text introducing the list that is followed by a colon.

The results indicate the following:

  1. The shear layer is unstable, which is a condition associated with its initial thickness.
  2. The jet column is unstable, which is caused by the length of the potential core.
  3. The acoustics play a passive role. In this case, they augment the pressure oscillations.

Whether incorporated within the text or in paragraph form, entries within each list must be parallel in construction, that is, all phrases or all sentences. Maintaining consistency throughout the journal can be tricky, and so minor adjustments may be made to the structure and organization of your lists during copyediting to ensure conformity with style.