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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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    AIAA Technical Medals on display
    AIAA Technical Medal and Rosette Pin
    AIAA Lectureship Medals
    AIAA’s Highest Awards: Reed Aeronautics and Goddard Astronautics
    Recognition of Technical Excellence
    AIAA Foundation Award for Excellence Trophy

    Honors and Awards

    Honoring Achievement – An AIAA Tradition

    Recognizing the very best in our profession for their outstanding achievement is one of the primary goals of the Institute, undertaken through its Honors and Awards Program. Since its inception, the program has honored thousands of the aerospace profession’s best and brightest for their meritorious achievements, technical contributions, committed service, section participation, and continued membership.  AIAA is also pleased to partner with other societies for certain awards.

    To view a full list of all AIAA Honors and Awards, visit the Honors and Awards list page. Select an award category below for a list of awards in that category.


    Premier Awards

    AIAA's highest awards, presented during the annual Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala.

    Lectureship Awards

    Distinguished lecturers share their research, contributions, and technological insights with AIAA members.

    Educator Awards

    Awards recognize educators for contributions and for motivating the next generation of aerospace professionals.

    Publication Awards

    Those who record aerospace science and technology are honored for their literary contributions to aeronautics and astronautics.

    Section Awards

    The outstanding performance of sections or section members in areas such as communications and public policy are recognized each year.

    Service Awards

    AIAA members are recognized for sustained service to AIAA, participation in AIAA activities over a period of time, and for dedicated service to AIAA aerospace community.

    Student Awards

    Undergraduate and graduate students are recognized for their accomplishments and contributions.

    Technical Excellence Awards

    Significant achievement in specific technical fields of aerospace is honored by these awards.