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Delta IV Heavy Launch from CCAFS SLC-37B.
Delta IV launch facilities at CCAFS SLC-37B.
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General Description


Delta IV launch facilities at CCAFS SLC-37B. To the left is the retracted mobile service tower, to the right the fixed umbilical tower; the two lightning towers are on either side of the rocket.

National Origin

United States

Main Organization


The Delta IV series of launch vehicles was developed with U.S. government support to meet new demands for government and commercial launch services. The Delta IV uses liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for both stages and the RS-68A for the first-stage engine and the RL10B-2 for the second stage-engine. The Delta IV Medium family of vehicles was retired in August of 2019, leaving only the Heavy configuration remaining.

Flight Rate

Dependent on market demand

Estimated Launch Price

Please contact ULA.


Launch Pad Cape Canaveral AFS, SLC-37B
Location 28.53° N, 80.56° W
Available Inclinations 0 to 55 deg

Launch Site Vandenberg AFB, SLC-6
Location 34.58° N, 120.63° W
Available Inclinations 63 to 129 deg

Primary Missions

Heavy spacecraft missions to LEO, GEO and Interplanetary orbits.


Delta IV Medium series was 100% successful and flew 29 missions between November 2002 and August 2019. Delta IV Heavy: Operational. First launch in December 2004.

Key Organizations

Marketing Organization

Launch Service Provider



Additional information can be found on ULA’s Delta IV website with overview and Users Guide at