Volunteer Opportunities

The Top 10 Ways You Can Engage with AIAA

  1. Connect with Peers in Your Local Section
    By attending events in your region or section, you can meet aerospace professionals, students, and educators near you. You can also volunteer by contacting your local leaders and helping them coordinate networking activities, technical programs, and public policy events.

  2. Help K-12 Students Become Tomorrow’s Aerospace Engineers and Scientists
    Inspire the next generation of aerospace scientists and engineers through AIAA’s STEM K-12 Outreach. See how you can help provide resources and programming to teachers, students, and parents to influence increased participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  3. Serve as a Judge for University Student Programs
    AIAA occasionally recruits judges for our Regional Student Conferences, design competitions, and our scholarship programs. Professional members with interest in serving as a judge can fill out an interest form. Head judges for the scholarship program will reach out to AIAA members directly. The head judge for each of the Regional Student Conferences also recruits volunteers to judge from their region. Look out for an email from the head judge in your region or contact your regional officers if you would like to participate.

  4. Engage with Others that Share Your Interest in an Aerospace-Related Technology
    One of the best ways to engage with AIAA is by participating in and presenting at one, or several, of our annual events. AIAA events are the catalyst for inspired idea exchange, connecting professionals, students, and educators from business, academia, and industry.

  5. Shape the Future of Aerospace
    AIAA thrives because of the enthusiastic volunteers that help lead and contribute their time and knowledge toward Shaping the Future of Aerospace. Technical Committees and Integration and Outreach committees exist to help AIAA accomplish our purpose—to ignite and celebrate aerospace ingenuity and collaboration, and its importance to our way of life. The AIAA call for volunteers runs annually from 1 September to 14 October.

  6. Help AIAA Achieve Its Mission
    In addition to our members’ technical expertise, AIAA needs volunteers to help support our members. Standing Committees recognize their achievements, organize career-enhancing activities, give them a voice in public policy, foster productive interactions with their peers, and help them advance professionally. Those who want to volunteer for a Standing Committee can do so by filling out this form.

  7. Help Oversee the Development of New Standards
    Industry standards are essential in aerospace engineering. AIAA looks to volunteer industry experts to make recommendations for new standards and other technical publications, as well as drafting and revising technical documents. Find out how you can volunteer for the Committee on Standards (CoS). You can also impact national consensus on international standards and technical reports out for vote by volunteering for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

  8. Advocate for the Industry
    Be a part of developing and recommending policies and procedures concerning government relations and public information programs conducted by AIAA by participating in one of the four Public Policy Committee Working Groups (Key Issue Development, Advocacy, Programming, and Honors and Awards). If you are interested in volunteering on the public policy working groups, contact us.

  9. Serve as a Mentor in the Rising Leaders Speed Mentoring Program
    Professional members can give back to young professionals and students by serving as a mentor in the Rising Leaders Speed Mentoring Program that takes place at either the AIAA SciTech Forum or AIAA AVIATION Forum + ASCEND co-located event. If you are interested in serving as a mentor in this program, please contact the AIAA Young Professionals at aiaaypgroup@gmail.com.

  10. Advance your Membership
    There are five ways to reach the next level of membership and boost your career! The first is offered to current AIAA student members and offers a transition into becoming a professional member at reduced membership rates. The other membership upgrades are for professionals who have dedicated their career to aerospace arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics, or astronautics. Learn how to become a Senior MemberAssociate FellowFellow, and Honorary Fellow.


We’re happy to help! Email the Member Services Team at custserv@aiaa.org.