Dates to Remember

Abstract Submission Begins:
3 October 2023

Abstract Deadline:
12 December 2023, 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA

Author Notification:
18 March 2024

Early Bird Registration Deadline:
10 June 2024, 1159 hrs Eastern Time Zone

Manuscript Deadline:
24 June 2024, 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA

*Dates are subject to change.

Abstract Submission Policies

Publication Policy

AIAA will not consider for publication any paper that has been published or is currently being considered for publication elsewhere, to avoid duplication of publication. Authors will be required to sign a statement to this effect. AIAA policy precludes an abstract or paper from being submitted multiple times to the same Conference or Forum, or to conferences held in conjunction with other AIAA Forums. Overlapping submissions may result in your paper being withdrawn to avoid duplicate papers being published in the conference proceedings. Also, AIAA will not republish a paper that has already been published by AIAA or another organization.

"No Paper, No Podium" and "No Podium, No Paper" Policies

If a written paper is not submitted by the final manuscript deadline, authors will not be permitted to present the paper at the forum. Also, if the paper is not presented at the forum, it will be withdrawn from the proceedings. It is the responsibility of those authors whose papers or presentations are accepted to ensure that a representative attends the conference to present the paper. These policies are intended to eliminate no-shows, improve the quality of the program for all participants, and to ensure that the published proceedings accurately reflect the presentations made at the forum.

WARNING: Technology Transfer Considerations

Prospective authors are reminded that technology transfer guidelines have considerably extended the time required for review of abstracts and completed papers by U.S. government agencies. Internal (company) plus external (government) reviews can consume 16 weeks or more. Government review if required is the responsibility of the author. Authors should determine the extent of approval necessary early in the paper preparation process to preclude paper withdrawals and late submissions. The conference technical committee will assume that all abstracts papers and presentations are appropriately cleared. 

Do not include any proprietary information in your abstract.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

AIAA speakers and attendees are reminded that some topics discussed at conferences could be controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). U.S. nationals (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) are responsible for ensuring that technical data they present in open sessions to non-U.S. nationals in attendance or in conference proceedings are not export restricted by the ITAR. U.S. nationals are likewise responsible for ensuring that they do not discuss ITAR export-restricted information with non-U.S. nationals in attendance.

Abstract Submission Requirements

All abstracts submitted to AIAA forums must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be considered for acceptance to the event:

  • The abstract must be an extended abstract or draft manuscript with a minimum of 1,000 words. 
  • The submission must include sufficient detail to demonstrate the purpose of the paper, the technical foundation for the topics to be discussed, any preliminary results to date, and the expected results of the final paper, including key figures, equations, tables, and references, as appropriate. Sufficient information must be included in the submission to convince the forum organizers and reviewers that the author(s) will have a strong likelihood of completing the final manuscript by the final manuscript submission deadline.
  • There is no required format, but many authors use the final manuscript template available on the Author Resources Page. 

Some conferences within the AIAA forums require the submission of a full draft manuscript  as indicated on the forum website and the abstract submission site.Exceptions to the abstract submission requirements may be considered by the Forum Technical Chair(s).
Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract submissions will be accepted electronically. The deadline for receipt of abstracts via electronic submittal is 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA on the date listed on the Call for Papers page.

The electronic submission process is as follows:

  1. Click the “Submit A Paper” button on the Forum homepage.

    a. You must be logged into AIAA to submit a paper, so you will be prompted to log in if you have not already done so.

    b. If you do not have an account with AIAA you may create one from this page. You do not need to become a member of AIAA, and there is no fee to create an account.

  2. After completing your AIAA login, the ScholarOne Abstracts site will open.

  3. Click the Submission tab at the top of the page.

    a. Review the general information about the conference’s abstract submission requirements and policies.

    b. To begin your submission, click the “Create a New Submission” link on the left menu. PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously visited the site and begun a draft submission, scroll down to the "Drafts" table and select "Edit Draft" to resume your submission.

    c. There are five steps to complete in order for your submission to be eligible for consideration for the conference. Detailed instructions for completing each step are posted within the ScholarOne site. Please read and follow all directions. At step 5, you must click the “Submit” button.

Special Notes:

  1. If the abstract deadline has not passed, you may revise a submitted abstract.

    a. Go to “View Submissions” and select “Return to Draft.”

    b. Make all corrections.

    c. Go to Step 5, “Review & Submit,” and click the “Resubmit” button at the bottom right.

  2. Once the abstract submission deadline passes, authors will no longer be able to make new submissions or return previous submissions to draft for revisions. Carefully proof your submission before the deadline.

  3. If your submission is accepted for presentation at the conference

    a. The author designated as the presenter will be the only author with access to upload the final manuscript.

    b. The author who submitted the abstract will have access to make updates to the title, presenter bio, and author list for limited periods. Pleave visit the Technical Presenter FAQs, Revisions section for detailed information. 

Review Process
All abstracts will be evaluated by qualified individuals from industry, academia, or government. It is recommended to the Technical Program Committee to have the broadest representation of reviewers appropriate for the forum/conference. Exceptions may be made for invited abstracts. Please note that this is a review of abstracts only and that AIAA’s meeting papers are not peer-reviewed.

Author Notification
Authors will be notified of abstract acceptance or rejection on or about the date listed on the Call for Papers page.

Final Manuscript Guidelines 
Detailed instructions and guidelines for submitting papers will be made available to authors of accepted papers. Authors must submit their final manuscripts via the event ScholarOne Abstracts site no later than 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA on the date listed on the Call for Papers page.

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