Engineering Analysis Workflows of Fuselage, System, Sub-System and Component Levels 29 June 2022 1530 - 1600

The Innovation Stage @ the HUB
Design of a new aircraft fuselage requires engineers to know how the entire fuselage will behave and perform in every type of configuration and every type of loading condition, so that an accurate simulation can be made, which leads to a safe and cost-effective maintenance schedule that keeps the airplane functioning for 20 years or more.

Fuselage design follows a development lifecycle that includes analysis of sub-systems and can easily have over 2 million components in total.

  • Aircraft sub-systems such as a landing gear or wing flap actuation system has many parts involved, different load cases to consider, and since most of these sub-systems are undergoing constant movement and/or constant temperature change, fatigue and accurate part life prediction is critically important when designing a sub-system maintenance schedule.
  • Aircraft components can be quite complicated, since material choice, cost to manufacture, weight, and structural integrity are all factored in, requiring vast amounts of design trade-off studies and balancing cost-to-benefit.
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