• AIAA/IEEE Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium (EATS)

    Driven by ambitious goals for the future of aviation, electrified aircraft propulsion has emerged as a key enabling technology for concepts ranging from more-electric aircraft to hybrid-electric propulsion systems and all-electric urban air mobility. Recognizing the growing importance of this multi-disciplinary field, AIAA and IEEE have identified the need to bring together electrical, propulsion system, and aerospace engineers as the industry looks to electrified propulsion technologies for future aircraft.


    30 JULY – 1 AUGUST

    Building our sustainable off-world future requires long-term thinking and collaboration. ASCEND connects the civil, commercial, and national security space sectors, along with adjacent industries, to embrace the opportunities and address the challenges that come with increased activity in space. Only through strategic planning, innovation, scientific exploration, and effective regulations and standards will we accelerate and preserve the space ecosystem for future generations.

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