Submission and Publication Policies
Submission Policies

All abstracts must be UNCLASSIFIED and cleared for public release with unlimited distribution. Do not include any proprietary information in your abstract. View detailed Submission Policies on the Abstract Process & Requirements webpage.

Can I submit the same abstract to multiple events? 
No. AIAA Overlapping Submissions Policy precludes an abstract or paper from being submitted multiple times to the same event, or to conferences held in conjunction with other AIAA events. Overlapping submissions will result in your paper being withdrawn. View Abstract Submission Policies on the Abstract Submission Process & Requirements webpage.

Publication in Conference Proceedings (optional)

You have the option to publish your presentation and/or a paper as part of conference proceedings, through the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). DTIC will publish proceedings from the AIAA DEFENSE Forum on a separate AIAA DEFENSE Forum webpage available on More than 750,000 users access information available on the DTIC website.

How do I submit my presentation materials to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)?
Presenters may submit their presentation (PowerPoint or PDF) or a manuscript directly to DTIC (not to AIAA).

  • Manuscripts should follow the AIAA manuscript template, available at Technical Presenter Resources.
  • See the DTIC submission website for more information:
  • Materials may be unclassified, ITAR, or classified up to SECRET/NOFORN.
  • Submissions must be related to DoD- or DoE-funded research.
  • Submitters must have a valid CAC account.

I completed my submission to DTIC. What happens next?
Once materials have been successfully submitted, you will receive an accession number from DTIC, formatted AD####. Please email your accession number to AIAA at

When will proceedings be available and how do I access them?

Proceedings will be available approximately 4 weeks after the forum. AIAA will notify authors of the exact date. To have proceedings access, register at
ScholarOne Abstracts General Information
User Account

How do I create a ScholarOne Abstracts user account?
Opening a ScholarOne Abstracts site automatically creates a user record in that site.

How do I log in to ScholarOne Abstracts?
View the  Abstract Submission Process and Requirements webpage.

I’ve had a user record in a previous AIAA ScholarOne Abstracts site, but not in a new site. Why?
Each ScholarOne Abstracts site is a unique database. Active user records from the most current previous events were preloaded. If you have not been active in that event for the last couple of years, you will need to create a user record.

Can I use my ScholarOne Manuscripts user account in ScholarOne Abstracts?
No. ScholarOne Abstracts and ScholarOne Manuscripts are separate databases.

How do I update my ScholarOne Abstracts user record, such as my email address?
Most ScholarOne user records are controlled by their corresponding AIAA records. To update your AIAA user record:
1. Log into
2. Click on Edit Contact Info and update your information.
3. Access the appropriate ScholarOne Abstracts submission site to complete record update.

If you received an email notifying you that a user record had been created for you by a co-author or during session chair assignment, you must email the site contact listed on the ScholarOne Abstracts Welcome page to request updates to your user record.

Who has access to submit the presentation slides?
Any of the authors can submit the slides. See Presentation Slides Submissions for detailed information.

What information will display in the event’s printed program?
The presentation title and author list in the printed program come from the data that is in the ScholarOne Abstracts submission site. Only the first 6 authors in the publishing order of your author list will appear in the printed program. The full author list will appear in the online agenda. 

Abstract & Presentation Slide Submission Access

Who has access to edit, upload, or view the abstract submission data?
Abstract submissions are associated with the submitting author’s ScholarOne account, so only the submitting author may view or edit the abstract submission data, depending on the time frame. For information on revisions/edits, go to Revisions for more information.

What is a control ID number?
A control ID number is the unique identifier of an abstract submission. Please include it, as well as the name of the event, in all correspondence concerning your submission. Control ID numbers are listed on the ScholarOne Submission tab of the author who created the submission and are also listed on all email notices.


Abstract Submission: All authors entered in the ScholarOne author list are notified when an abstract is submitted, as well as if/when it is returned to draft and resubmitted.

Abstract Accept/Reject: All authors entered in the ScholarOne author list are notified of acceptance or rejection.

Presentation Slides Submission Instructions & Confirmation of Submission: All authors receive slide submission instructions approximately 6 weeks after acceptance notice. To confirm receipt of your slides at Raytheon, track your package with the shipper.

Withdrawal: All authors will be notified of withdrawal.

Abstract Submission/Review
Prepare & Submit Abstract

Where do I find information on technical disciplines soliciting presentations?
View the Call for Technical Briefings.

How do I submit to an event?
Go to the event webpage and click the Submit an Abstract or Manage Submissions button. View log in instructions on the Abstract Submission Process & Requirements webpage.

Are there submission fees or membership restrictions?
There are no submission fees and AIAA membership is not required.

What are the minimum abstract requirements for submission?
Minimum abstract submission requirements are listed on the Abstract Submission Process & Requirements webpage. All abstract submissions must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for acceptance to the event.

Is there a required format for abstract submission? 
There is no required format. The content of abstracts must follow Abstract Submission Requirements listed on the Abstract Submission Process & Requirements webpage.

Are there file specifications for the abstract submission upload?

  • Accepted File Types: pdf (preferred), doc, docx
  • File Name: maximum 40 alpha-numeric characters only
  • File Size Maximum: 10 MB

Are there submission policies restricting certain submissions?
Yes. All abstracts must be UNCLASSIFIED and cleared for public release with unlimited distribution.

How can I verify that my abstract submission is complete? 
Upon completion of abstract submission, all authors will receive an automatic email from ScholarOne Abstracts confirming receipt of the submission. Additionally, the submitting author may re-access the ScholarOne submission site from the event webpage by clicking the Submission tab and then clicking View Submissions. The submitting author will be able to see whether a submission is in draft form or submitted.

After Abstract Submission Deadline

The abstract submission deadline has passed. Can I still submit to the event? 
Late abstract submission is granted by technical discipline chairs at their discretion. Please go to the Call for Technical Briefings  webpage to determine whom to contact.

I’ve been granted late abstract submission. How do I access the submission site?
Go to the  Call for Technical Briefings and click the “Manage Submissions” button. Please note that the submission site will always display the general abstract deadline.

Can I make edits to my abstract submission data after the Abstract Submission Deadline?
Accepted authors will be able to change some of the abstract submission data during the Open Edit Access window. See Revisions for detailed information.
Can I make edits to my abstract file after the Abstract Submission Deadline?
No. Please carefully check the abstract file before submitting. To learn more, go to Revisions.

How are abstracts reviewed and considered for event participation?
Reviewers will score abstract submissions based on technical quality, importance/relevance to the field, originality, conciseness/style/clarity, and potential to be a good paper. All abstracts will be evaluated by qualified individuals from industry, academia, or government. AIAA encourages the broadest representation of reviewers appropriate for the event. Exceptions may be made for invited abstracts.

What are the next steps after abstract submission? 
All authors will be notified of the final decision on their submissions. Accepted authors will receive presentation slide submission instructions within a few weeks of acceptance notification.

Presentation Slide Submissions
Presentation Slides

Please see the Tech Presenters & Session Chairs section of the What to Know On-Site webpage for details of audio/visual setup in session rooms.

Is there a template for presentation slides?
Please see the Technical Presenter Resources.

What aspect ratio should I use?

How do I submit my slides?
Unclassified/unrestricted presentations may be uploaded via the ScholarOne submission site by the date provided to you in your acceptance notice and listed on the Dates to Remember box on the forum webpage. This option is for unclassified/unrestricted slides only.

Classified/restricted presentations may be hand-carried directly to the forum, following classified material handling protocols. Or you may send your presentation to Raytheon by the date provided to you in your acceptance notice and listed on the Dates to Remember box on the forum webpage, using the following shipping addresses (these addresses work for all presentations up to SECRET/NOFORN):

U.S. Postal Service Express Mail
Raytheon Company Attn: Document Control P.O. Box 11337 Tucson, AZ 85734-1337

Raytheon Company Attn: Document Control 807 P/8 1151 E. Hermans Road Tucson, AZ 85756-9367

NOTE: All packages should address the inner wrapping to “Attn: Rob Wright (AIAA DEFENSE Forum) and include your control ID#.
Can I submit my presentation for AIAA DEFENSE Forum electronically?
Only unclassified/unrestricted slides may be submitted electronically through the ScholarOne Submission site. All classified/restricted slides must be mailed or hand-carried to the Forum on CD, DVD or thumb drive.

Can I hand-carry my slides on-site?
Yes, classified, restricted, and unclassified slides may be hand-carried. Please note that any device (CD, DVD, thumb drive) that is used to transport and transfer the presentation will be retained by the security team and destroyed regardless of classification level or other documents on the device, as it is loaded into classified laptops.

Hand-carrying of classified or restricted slides must follow all transport and storage of classified information protocols, please check with your corporate security officer if you have questions. Please make sure you have the appropriate courier cards for such transport.

Withdrawl Process

How do I withdraw my presentation?
Send an email to Include the event name, control ID number, and the session to which it is assigned in the body of your email.

Submission Data

Presentation titles and author lists in the printed program and the online agenda come from the data in the ScholarOne Abstracts submission site so please ensure this data is accurately entered in the software.

Who can make abstract submission data edits and how?
The author who submitted the abstract is the only author with access to make edits. This access cannot be transferred to anyone else. The author with this access must log into ScholarOne via the “Manage Submissions” button on the event page, click the submission tab, and put the submission into open edit draft status. After completing the edits, he/she must resubmit at step 5. Putting the submission in open edit draft status does not change the acceptance status of your submission.

When can I make edits to the submission data?

Before the abstract submission deadline, submitting authors may make modifications to all components of their submissions. Be sure to resubmit in Step 5, otherwise your submission will not be considered for presentation. To confirm resubmission, all authors will receive an automated submission confirmation email.

After the abstract submission deadline, until author notification, no edits are permitted.

After author notification, limited editing/revising is permitted, through the published presentation slide submission deadline. There will be no extensions to this deadline. All presenting authors will be sent reminders of this deadline.

What submission items/data can be edited/updated?

  • Title: The presentation title can be edited, but such edits should be minor. The substance of the presentation must conform to the content of your original submission.
  • Presenter Bio: Session Chairs will use this information to introduce presenters during the session so please ensure that the information entered is up to date.
  • Author List: The author list may be updated as needed. 
  • Designated Presenter: Only the AIAA site contact can change the presenter. Slides submission instructions will also be transferred to the new presenter. All such requests must be made at least 24 hours before the published slide submission deadline.

After the slide submission deadline until the event, there is no access to edit the title or author list.

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