• Angela-Ambrose-2023 Angela Ambrose
    GM Defense Vice President, Government Relations and Communications
  • Tucker-Barrett-2024 Tucker Barrett
    Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems
  • Samuel-Bendett-2024 Samuel Bendett
    CNA Advisor, Russia Studies
  • Michael_Brown_2023 Michael Brown
    Air Force Research Laboratory Chief, Hypersonic Sciences Branch
  • Kim-Caldwell-2024 Kimberly Caldwell
    Spirit AeroSystems Senior Director, Global Research and Technology
  • Bryan-Clark-2024 Bryan Clark
    Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology
  • Anthony-Di-Stasio-2024 Anthony Di Stasio
    Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Director of the Manufacturing, Capability Expansion, and Investment Prioritization Directorate
  • Jan-Dryer-2024 Jay Dryer
    Department of Defense Director, Strategic Capabilities Office
  • Edward-Ferguson-2024 Col. Edward Ferguson, USAF
    U.S. Space Command Chief, Advanced Warfighter Capabilities and Resources Analysis Division (J81), and Director, Space Technical Analysis Group (STAG)
  • Shawn-Fetterolf-2024 Shawn Fetterolf
    Intel Federal Director of Federal Strategy
  • Mark-Glenn-2024 Mark Glenn
    Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology (OASD(S&T)) Acting Director, Joint Hypersonics Transition Office
  • Maynard-Holliday-2024 Maynard A. Holliday
    Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Performing the Duties of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Critical Technologies
  • Marcia-Holmes-2024 Marcia Holmes
    U.S. Department of Defense Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Mission Capabilities
  • VADM-Sara-A-Joyner-2024 VADM Sara A. Joyner, USN
    Director, Force Structure, Resources and Assessment, J8, The Joint Staff
  • George-Ka'iliwai-III-2024 George Ka'iliwai III
    U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Director, Requirements and Resources (J8)
  • Brian-L-Kantsiper Brian L. Kantsiper
    Space Development Agency Chief Engineer
  • Aaron-Kofford-2024 Aaron Kofford
    DARPA Senior Advisor, Commercial Strategy
  • Khoi-T-Nguyen-2024 Khoi T. Nguyen
    U.S. Cyber Command Command Acquisition Executive and Director for the Cyber Acquisition and Technology Directorate (J9)
  • CWO-Peart CW5 John Peart, USA
    Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office Command and Control Systems Integrator
  • Heidi-C-Perry-2024 Heidi C. Perry
    MIT Lincoln Laboratory Chief Technology Officer
  • Kerri-Phillips-2023 Kerri Phillips
    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Chief Scientist, Air and Missile Defense Sector
  • Rumford-2024 George Rumford
    Test Resource Management Center Director
  • Jeff-Ryder-2024 Jeff Ryder
    GM Defense Vice President, Growth & Strategy
  • Kimberly-Sablon-2024 Kimberly Sablon
    Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Principal Director, Trusted AI and Autonomy
  • Col-Ryan-S-Simms-2024 Col. Ryan Simms, USAF
    Director of Engagements, and Chief, Air and Space Force Foreign Liaison Office, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs
  • Sonny-Tahiliani-2024 Sonny Tahiliani
    RTX Ventures Executive Director & Technology Lead
  • Robert-J-Taylor-2024 Robert J. Taylor
    U.S. Strategic Command Director, Capability and Resource Integration Directorate (J8)
  • Neil-Thurgood-2024 Lt. Gen. L. Neil Thurgood, USA (Ret.)
    Anduril Industries Senior Vice President
  • Travis-Tuck-2024 Travis Tuck
    X-Bow Systems, Inc. Vice President, Advanced Development and Strategy
  • Timothy-A-Walton-2024 Timothy Walton
    Hudson Institute Senior Fellow, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology