Minotaur C

Payload Accommodations


Commercial Taurus

Payload Compartment


Maximum Payload Diameter

63-in. fairing: 1397 mm (55.0 in.)
92-in. fairing: 2048 mm (80.6 in.)

Maximum Cylinder Length

63-in. fairing: 2665 mm (104.9 in.)
92-in. fairing: 3310 mm (130.3 in.)

Maximum Cone Length

63-in. fairing: 1269 mm (50.0 in.)
92-in. fairing: 2400 mm (94.5 in.)

Payload Adapter Interface Diameter

986 mm or 944 mm (38.81 in. or 37.15 in.)

Payload Integration


Nominal Mission Schedule Begins

T–24 months

Launch Window


Last Countdown Hold Not Requiring Recycling

T–8 min

On-Pad Storage Capability

30 days

Last Access to Payload




Maximum Axial Limit Load (Payload CG)

–8 g

Maximum Lateral Limit Load (Payload CG)

±2.5 g

Minimum First Bending Frequency Recommended

25 Hz

Overall Sound Pressure Level

136 dB (63-in. fairing), 138 dB (92-in. fairing)

Maximum Flight Shock

3500 gfrom 1300–10000 Hz

Cleanliness Level in Fairing

Can support Class 10,000

Maximum Dynamic Pressure on Fairing


Maximum Aeroheating Rate at Fairing Separation

1135 W/m2 (0.1 BTU/ft2/s)

Maximum Pressure Change in Fairing

3.5 kPa/s (0.5 psi/s)

Payload Delivery


Injection Accuracy to LEO (3 sigma)

Injection Apse: ±9.26 km (5 nmi)
Non-Injection Apse: ±50 km (27 nmi)
Mean Altitude: ±29.6 km (16 nmi)
Inclination: ±0.15 deg

Attitude Accuracy (3 sigma)

Pitch, Yaw: ±0.7 deg, ±0.4 deg/sec

Nominal Payload Separation Rate

Mission specific

Deployment Rotation Rate Available

Mission specific

Loiter Duration in Orbit


Maneuvers (Thermal/Collision Avoidance)


Multiple/Auxiliary Payloads


Multiple or Comanifest

A dual payload attach fitting (DPAF) is available to carry comanifested payloads. The lower payload is contained within a canister structure that supports the upper payload. After separation of the first payload, the upper surface of the DPAF is jettisoned to deploy the second payload.

Auxiliary Payloads

Flight opportunities are available. Contact Orbital for more information.