Anthony Mumford Principal Flight Sciences Engineer Overair

Anthony (Tony) Mumford received his honors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Kingston University, UK in 1989; after which, his career began with British Aerospace (now BAE SYSTEMS) as a member of the Flight Mechanics team supporting the UK’s Harrier II program. Most of Tony’s career has been spent working on a number of Part 25 Transport Category Aircraft certification programs for both Bombardier and the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, specializing on both development and certification flight tests in support of flight characteristics and aircraft performance. At the beginning of 2021, Tony joined Overair to work on their eVTOL Butterfly quad-tiltrotor design. As a member of the certification team, Tony is responsible for establishing both the means and method of compliance to the Subpart B Flight regulations, as found in the recent draft powered-lift special class airworthiness criteria. Tony is currently the technical chair for the ASTM working group establishing a standard specification for VTOL aircraft performance and a member of the ASTM working group establishing an aircraft handling characteristics standard specification for aircraft equipped with indirect/fly-by-wire flight control systems. In addition, Tony chair’s the Handling Qualities Means of Compliance Advisory Committee within the eVTOL Flight Test Council. Tony’s wish is to book-end his aerospace career in the world of VTOL!