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AIAA now offers webinars on general interest topics with an aerospace edge. Ensure your long-term success and take advantage of these opportunities.


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Previous webinars may contain recorded sessions. Please check individual webinar pages below for more information.


  • cybersecurity-image-400x400 AIAA Corporate Member Connect: The New Normal of Aerospace Cybersecurity Compliance

    21 October 2021 1500 - 1600 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    AIAA corporate members are invited to explore the latest in aerospace research and development while networking with aerospace organizations across the globe. This event will feature representatives on behalf of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program -- CMMC.
  • AIAA logo icon AIAA Technical Committees: What Are They, and Why Should I Join?

    7 October 2021 1200 - 1300 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    A webinar helping to give you a better understanding of what AIAA Technical Committees are, what they do, and with examples of the professional value Technical Committee membership offers.
  • ASCENDxSummit ASCENDxSummit: Attracting Investors to Your Space

    28 September 2021 1000 - 1300 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Whether you’re a start-up or a shooting star, this exclusive multi-session online event will accelerate your progress toward securing the funds you need and the financial partners you can trust to boost your prospects in space.
  • Hypersonic-vehicle-NASA-200 Supporting Hypersonic Flight Through UCAH and Research (Member Exclusive Webinar)

    20 September 2021 1300 - 1400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    Join Dr. Rodney Bowersox as he presents an overview of the OUSD Joint Hypersonics Transition Office sponsored University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics (UCAH).
  • Space Stars The Urgency to Act on Space Traffic Management

    13 September 2021 1200 - 1300 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    In this free webinar, our dynamic panel will explain the basics of STM and why it is so important for space safety, sustainability, and security.
  • Aerospace-Perspectives-Webinar-July2021-400x400 AIAA Aerospace Perspectives Series: Space Sustainability – Advancing the Benefits to Earth and Orbit

    20 July 2021 1100 - 1200 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    AIAA and Lockheed Martin have assembled a stellar panel to bring you up to speed on space sustainability. This rapidly evolving topic encompasses sustainability efforts on Earth facilitated from space, actions to mitigate orbital debris, and continued safe human access to space.
  • AVIATIONx-30JuneWebinar-400x400 AVIATIONxWebinar: General Aviation Post Pandemic – An Opportunity to Provide Alternative Air Transportation

    30 June 2021 1200 - 1330 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    Due to COVID-19, general aviation has the potential to emerge as a more frequently utilized transportation option, offering the ability to avoid traveling in high-capacity commercial aircraft and providing frequency of service or routes that are no longer available commercially. This gives general aviation an opportunity to leverage interest in technology developments for urban and regional air mobility. Join us as we explore what needs to be addressed to make this happen.
  • hypesoncs-webinar-june2021-400x400 AIAA Webinar: A Brief History of Modern Hypersonics, Or How Did We Get Here?

    17 June 2021 1200 - 1300 (Eastern Daylight Time)


  • ASCENDxSummit--Pathways-to-space-thumbnail ASCENDxWebinar: Accelerating Pathways to Space

    15 June 2021 1000 - 1330 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    Strap in with ASCEND and guest experts from Axiom, NASA, and the Fusion Industry Association for a three-hour crash course in how fundamental systems are being transformed fast to help humans adapt to life in space. Learn the latest about laser-accelerated data communications, the soon-to-be reality of infinitely renewable clean energy, and the engineering of machines and methods to capitalize on these revolutionary advances and rapidly scale up the LEO infrastructure needed to supply and sustain our off-world future.
  • AIAA-CorpMember-Logo-300x300 AIAA Corporate Member Connect: ISS National Lab

    8 June 2021 1530 - 1630 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    AIAA corporate members are invited to explore the latest in aerospace research and development while networking with aerospace organizations across the globe. This event will feature representatives on behalf of the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory.
  • 2021VirtualLeadershipSymp-400x400 AIAA Leadership Symposium: Thought Leadership for the Institute in the 21st Century

    4 May - 6 May 2021

    Leadership is the backbone of our organization. This is your opportunity to learn how to become the type of leader that will ensure the Institute’s continued success for years to come! Each day includes two-hour sessions featuring speakers who are experts in their field. Discover how to increase collaboration across divisions and committees, share Institute best practices, network with fellow industry professionals, and more!
  • PerspectivesDigitalTwinThumbnail AIAA Aerospace Perspectives Series: Digital Twin Value—Driving The Entire Product Life Cycle

    28 April 2021 1100 - 1200 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Virtual Event

    Digital Twins have captured our collective imagination for years, representing the ultimate tool for understanding and optimizing design, manufacturing, and sustainment of complex systems. But how can it bring value to the Aerospace and Defense industry? Join us online as AIAA and Lockheed Martin bring together a panel of experts to explore this topic and talk though the value of this complex technology. In an unclassified 60-minute webinar, learn more about the capability and how – through interoperability and applying digital twin technology across the product life cycle – we can visualize our industry and the world like never before.
  • Sustainability-in-Flight-Graphic-April-2021-AIAA-Webinar-1080x1080 AIAA Webinar: Sustainability in Flight – The Government’s Role in Achieving Decarbonization

    26 April 2021 1100 - 1200 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    Leaders in aviation will share perspectives on the industry’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. The expert panel will discuss efforts underway and the significant cooperation, innovation, and education required among all industry stakeholders to deliver on this important goal.
  • Polar-Exploration-Rover-400 ASCENDxWebinar: Maximizing Payload Success

    21 April 2021 1400 - 1530 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    This webinar presents a virtual constellation for collaboration with an array of subject matter experts. The simple interactive format makes it easy to engage in general principle or mission-specific discussions with suppliers and service providers.
  • Blue-Origin-New-Shepard-NASA-200jpg Design|Build|Launch Competition Webinar

    1 April 2021 1800 - 1900 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Virtual Event

    Hear from members of Blue Origin as they provide important details about the upcoming Design|Build|Launch Competition including what participating students need to know.
  • LMC-Ad-200x200 AIAA Aerospace Perspectives Series: Hypersonic Strike Systems—A Rapidly Evolving Capability

    24 March 2021 1500 - 1600 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Virtual Event

    Join us online as AIAA and Lockheed Martin work together to execute an unclassified 60-minute webinar that addresses some of the key activities and issues related to ongoing U.S. effort to rapidly develop and field the first generation of hypersonic strike weapon systems.
  • USSpaceForce-Logo U.S. Space Force Overview (Member Exclusive Webinar)

    16 March 2021 1700 - 1800 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    This briefing will provide a snapshot of who the US Space Force is, what it does, how it is structured, and most importantly, what’s happening in the space domain. The Chief Space Experimental for the US Air Force Research Lab, Dr. Lawrence “Robbie” Robertson, will be giving the briefing.
  • ASCENDxSummit ASCENDxSummit: Accelerating the Next-Generation Workforce

    16 March 2021 1000 - 1400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    This three-session FREE ASCENDxSummit will bring together futurists, educators, and motivators from classrooms through careers to address current needs and future opportunities for EVERYONE to succeed in space.
  • MarsRoverThumbnail ASCENDxWebinar: Preview: Mars Perseverance Landing

    10 February 2021 1000 - 1100 (Eastern Standard Time)


  • Sustainability in Flight Webinar AIAA Webinar: Sustainability in Flight—Our Journey to Decarbonization

    8 February 2021 1100 - 1200 (Eastern Standard Time)


    AIAA Public Policy discussion about industry’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.