Dave Avanesian Systems Engineer NASA Glenn Research Center


David Avanesian has worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center for 11 years—1 year as a support service contractor and 10 years as a civil servant. Prior to working at NASA, he worked for 3 years in private industry, primarily in the field of high power distribution and terrestrial grid. For the first 5 years of his NASA career, he worked as an electrical engineer in the Systems Engineering Division supporting the Space Communication and Navigation program, leading development of the high-power flywheel energy storage system for terrestrial power grid application. He also led in the successful completion of the Heart Pump project in collaboration with the University of Indiana School of Medicine, delivering a novel cardiovascular assist device. His work in the Systems Division focused primarily on rapid development of new technologies and delivery of hardware products and prototypes. Five years ago he switched to the Power and Propulsion Division to focus working on Electrified Aircraft Propulsion systems. His main focus is development of lightweight qualified hardware for the X–57 project and other electrified aircraft topologies. His most recent efforts focus on raising technology readiness levels (TRLs) of various components of electrified propulsion power train systems including advanced high-power density motors with integrated thermal management systems, highly efficient power inverters and converters that are at flight weight, and infusion of new materials into existing designs such as soft magnetic materials to decrease weight of high-power filters. He is currently leading multiple teams including the HEATheR project, X–57 High Lift Motor Controller, and numerous risk-reduction efforts for electrified propulsion systems. He has a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Cleveland State University and a master of science in electrical engineering from Cleveland State University.